Research Services

You can either opt for an ‘OVERVIEW REPORT’ or choose to have ‘IN-DEPTH RESEARCH’ carried out on your behalf.


This will provide 4 hours research, accessing all the major sources, to establish if your ancestors are documented there. Your report will normally be available within 4 weeks from receipt of payment of e-invoice. You should consider commissioning this type of preliminary research if you are only starting out on your quest or have very limited information about your Irish ancestry.


This will entail detailed research in a range of available Irish records with particular focus on the locality(ies) where your ancestors were known to have resided. Research will normally be completed within 3 months from receipt of payment of e-invoice but may occasionally extend beyond this timescale. This would be best undertaken when some basic facts about your ancestors have already been established.


To order an Overview Report simply email Irish Methodist Genealogy with all the information you have concerning your ancestors. You will then receive an e-invoice to be paid via Paypal and the research can begin.

If you require our In-depth Research Service, email Irish Methodist Genealogy with available details and an outline of the objectives you have in mind. We can then have a dialogue regarding what is achievable before agreeing on the number of hours, costs, etc., which you wish to commit to the research. An e-invoice will then be forwarded to you for payment via Paypal and the research can begin.


All information provided will already be in the public domain but the Irish Methodist Genealogy report will only be forwarded to the commissioning individual. However, if prior permission has been given, a copy may also be lodged with The Methodist Historical Society of Ireland for the benefit of future researchers.

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