Rare Books Sale

I am currently downsizing my library and am prepared, from time to time, to offer some rare and collectable Methodist, religious and Irish books for sale:-

If you wish to make a direct offer for any books please email me at irishmethodistgenealogy@hotmail.co.uk

I am happy to calculate and advise cost of P & P to a specific destination.


Full set of Irish Methodist Minutes of Conference (as currently listed on Ebay). £800

Individual Irish Methodist Minutes of Conference (Dublin 1998; Cork 1999; Lisburn 2001) [all in very good condition] £4 each

‘At Points of Need’ – The Story of the Belfast Central Mission 1889 – 1989 : Eric Gallagher (signed by the author). Blackstaff Press (1989) [very good condition] £8

‘Old Christianity against Papal Novelties’ : Gideon Ouseley. J O Bonsall Dublin (1836) [acceptable condition] £120

Ecumenism in Ireland – Experiments & Achievements : Michael Ledwith & Eric Gallagher. Irish Council of Churches (1981) [very good condition] £8

‘Booth of Hankow’ – A crowded hour of glorious life : W Arthur Tatchell. C H Kelly London (1915) [very good condition] £25

Violence in Ireland – A Report to the Churches. Christian Journals Ltd Belfast / Veritas Publications Dublin (1976) [very good condition] £2

A Letter to a Roman Catholic (from the Works of John Wesley). The Epworth Press (1962) [very good condition] £5

Extracts from the Diaries of Robert Orr, Methodist Minister (1833 – 1915) The Strule Press (1965) [very good condition] £8

Methodism on the Charlemont Circuit : Rev Robert H Gallagher. Wesley Historical Society – Irish Branch (1961) [very good condition] £8

Adam Clarke : Maldwyn L Edwards. Wesley Historical Society Lecture No 8. The Epworth Press (1942) [good condition] £3

Peacemaker – The Life and Work of Eric Gallagher : Dennis Cooke [autographed copy] Methodist Publishing House (2005) [very good condition] £5

O’Connell and the Wesleyans. The Calumnies, falsehoods, and religion of O’Connell exposed; the queries, proposed by his son Maurice, satisfactorily answered; and Protestantism defended; in seven letters. With ‘Babylon Fallen’ a poem in 32 stanzas. Daniel McAfee Publisher : John Mason, City Road, London 70pp [good condition] £40

Broadcasting the Good News – The Year Book of Irish Methodism’s Home Missionary Enterprise : 1934 (142 pages including photographs) [good condition] £6

Campaigning for Christ – Home Mission Year Book of the Methodist Church in Ireland : 1942 (154 pages including photographs) [good condition] £6

An Open Door – Home Mission Year Book of the Methodist Church in Ireland : 1944 (156 pages) [good condition] £5

Sowing Without Stint – Home Mission Year Book of the Methodist Church in Ireland : 1947 (138 pages with photographs) [good condition] £5


‘How Methodism Came’ – The Beginnings of Methodism in England and America : Ruthella Mory Bibbins. American Methodist Historical Society Baltimore (1945) [very good condition] £80

Barbara Heck – A Tale of Early Methodism : W H Withrow. William Briggs Toronto (c1893?) [very good condition] £20

The Methodist Magazine for the Year of our Lord 1822 (Vol V) ME Church New York (1822) [acceptable condition] £40

Story of the Mother Church of American Methodism – Old John Street Methodist Episcopal Church 1766 – 1932 [good / very good condition] £80

The Dramatic Story of Early American Methodism : Frederick E Maser. Abingdon Press (1965) [ very good condition – pre owned and signed by Rev Kenneth B Garlick] £10

A Short Manual for the Centenary Year 1884 : William Pope Harrison DD. Southern Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, Tenessee. (1884) [[good condition] £60

The Book of the Sesqui-Centennial of American Methodism : Frank M Liggett, Editor and Publisher, Baltimore (1934) [very good condition] £60

The Essentials of Methodism : Francis J McConnell. (Bishop of the M E Church). The Methodist Book Concern – New York & Cincinatti (1923) [very good condition] £12

Robert Strawbridge and the Rise and Progress of Methodism on Sam’s and Pipe Creeks, Maryland from the year 1764 : John Bowen [reprint of the 1856 edition by the Strawbridge Shrine Association – very good condition] £5

The Methodist Tourist Guidebook : George H Jones (1966) [very good condition] £12

A History of American Christianity : Leonard Woolsey Bacon. James Clarke & Co London (1899) [very good condition] £16

History of the Methodist Church in Eastern British America [2 volumes] : T Watson Smith. Vol 1 Methodist Book Room Halifax Nova Scotia (1877) [very good condition] Vol 2 S F Huestas Halifax (1890) [good condition] £60

Union List of United Methodist Serials (1773 – 1973) : John & Lyda Batsel. Evanston Illinois 1974 [very good condition] £16


The Works of John & Charles Wesley – A Bibliography : Rev Richard Green. C H Kelly London (1896) [good condition] £120

The Oxford Methodists : Rev L Tyerman. Harper and Brothers Publishers New York (1873) [very good condition] £80

Wesley and Whitefield in Scotland or, The Influence of the Oxford Methodists on Scottish Religion : Rev D Butler. William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh & London (1898) [very good condition] £60

Wesley and the People called Methodists : Richard P Heitzenrater. Abingdon Press, Nashville (1995) [very good condition / like new] £10

Anecdotes of the Wesleys : Rev J R Wakeley. Hodder & Stoughton London (1878) [very good condition] £12

Lectures delivered before the YMCA 1846-7 Vol II (Includes Rev Wm Arthur’s Lecture on ‘British India’) James Nisbit & Co, London, 1879 [very good condition] £40

Primitive Methodist General Consolidated Minutes 1892.  James B Knapp, Conference Offices, London (1892) [very good condition] £32

A Popular Exposition of Methodist Theology : Rev Charles Overy Eldridge. C H Kelly London (1899) [very good condition] £10

The Methodist – A study in Discipleship : Henry Carter. C H Kelly London (1914) [very good condition] £12

‘I Sat Where They Sat’ – The 1954 Convocation Lecture of the National Children’s Home : John H Litten NCH (1954) [good condition] £10

Century of Service (1872 – 1972) Methodist Insurance Company Limited : W Russell Shearer. (1972) [good condition] £3

Mr Rank – A Study of J Arthur Rank and British Films : Alan Wood. Hodder & Stoughton London (1952) [very good condition] £20

Thomas Jackson of Whitechapel – A Record of Fifty Years of Social and Evangelistic Enterprise : William Potter [Signed copy ‘With Thomas Jackson’s best wishes : Dec 29th 1931] Working Lads’ Institute London (1929) [very good condition] £10

The Christian Heritage in Politics : George Thomas. The Epworth Press London (1959) [very good condition] £3

UNITY – A Discussion by Church Leaders. The Methodist Recorder (1964) [very good condition] £3

The Message and Mission of Methodism. The Epworth Press (1946) [very good condition] £12

The Methodist Church – Declarations of Conference on Social Questions. The Epworth Press London (1959) [very good condition] £7

‘Here I Stand – The Faith of a Radical’ : John J Vincent (signed by the author). Epworth Press London (1967) [very good condition] £3

The Faith of a Methodist : Eric Baker. The Epworth Press London (1958) [good condition] £2

Methodist Churchmanship and its Implications : H Watkin Jones. The Epworth Press London (1946) [very good condition] £2

Gleanings from my Life : William Wakinshaw. The Epworth Press London (1931) [good condition] £4

Methodism : Rupert E Davies. Penguin (1963) [very good condition] £1.50

Thomas Birch Freeman – The Son of an African : F Deaville Walker. Student Christian Movement, London (1929) [very good condition] £5

Minutes of the Methodist New Connexion Conference, Leeds, 1905 [very good condition] £25

Riley’s Pocket Book for 1840 designed especially for Wesleyan Methodists. Hayward and Moore London [case well worn / pages in very good condition] £50

The Class-Leader’s Companion 1907. C H Kelly London [very good condition] £12

The Class-Leader’s Companion 1911. C H Kelly London [very good condition] £12

Declaration of the Methodist Church on Peace and War (adopted by Conference 1957). The Epworth Press. [very good condition] £7

Over His Own Signature : Leslie D Weatherhead. Epworth Press London (1955) [very good condition] £5

His Life and Ours – The Significance for us of the Life of Jesus : Leslie D Weatherhead (signed by the author). Hodder & Stoughton London (1943) [very good condition] £8

Wesley and the Wesleyans – Religion in 18th Century Britain : John Kent. Cambridge University Press [like new] £5

William Dawson – The Yorkshire Farmer and Eloquent Preacher : Anne E Keeling. Charles H Kelly London (1894) [good condition] £25

‘HHR’ Henry Hosea Roberts – Cliff College Evangelist (by his daughter Cissie). The Epworth Press (1948) [very good condition] £20

That Immortal Sea – A Book of Sermons : Leslie D Weatherhead. The Epworth Press (1953) [very good condition] £4

How Can I Find God? Leslie D Weatherhead. Hodder & Stoughton (1933) [very good condition] £5

The Hymns of Wesley and Watts : Bernard L Manning. The Epworth Press (1942) [very good condition] £3

Dr Rigg’s Reminiscences …. Sixty Years Ago : Rev James H Rigg DD. Robert Culley London (1904) [very good condition] £80

Round and through the Wesleyan hymn book : Rev J Ward : R W Sharp, Briggate, Leeds (1868) [good condition] £60

Short Talks for the Times : Mark Guy Pearse (1890) C H Kelly, City Road, London [very good condition] £12

Conversations between the Church of England and the Methodist Church – A Report. Church Information Office and The Epworth Press (1963) [good condition] £5

‘Towards Reconciliation’ – The Interim Statement of the Anglican-Methodist Unity Commission. SPCK and The Epworth Press (1967) [very good condition] £12

‘Anglican-Methodist Unity’ – Report of the Anglican-Methodist Unity Commission – The Scheme. SPCK and The Epworth Press (1968) [very good condition] £8

Subject, textual and lineal indexes to the Methodist Hymn Book – Compiled by J Henry Martin with help from W Dell : Methodist Conference Office, London (1934?) [very good condition] £5

Hannah More : Eminent Women SeriesCharlotte M Yonge : W H Allen, London (1888) [very good condition] £25

The Conversion of the Wesleys : A Critical Study – J Ernest Rattenbury : The Epworth Press, London (1938) [good / very good condition – flyleaf removed] £7.50

George Whitefield’s Journals : The Banner of Truth Trust, London (1965) [good condition] £16

A History of Methodism in Langley : Thelma Whiston [signed by the author] (2003) [very good condition] £4

Wesley and Sanctification : Harald Lindstrom. The Epworth Press, London (1956) [very good condition] £10

The Christian Agnostic : Leslie D Weatherhead. Hodder and Stoughton, London (1965) [very good condition] £10


Presbyterianism in Belfast : Rev J McConnell. Davidson and McCormack, Belfast (1912) [very good condition] £35

Fifty Years of Christian Endeavour 1881 – 1931 – A Jubilee Record and Forecast : W Knight Chaplin and M Jennie Street. The British Christian Endeavour Union (1931) [good condition] £15

Labour, Love and Prayer – Female Piety in Ulster Religious Literature 1850 – 1914 : Andrea Ebel Brozyna. The Instutite of Irish Studies (QUB) & McGill Queen’s University Press (1999) [like new] £12

‘The Great Acceptance’ – The Life Story of F N Charrington : Guy Thorne. Hodder & Stoughton (1913) [good condition] £12

The Venerable Bishop – Dr Richard Challoner [Sometime Vicar Apostolic of the London District : 1691 – 1781] Patrick O’Donovan. Westminster Cathedral (1981) [very good condition]  £10

The Unveiled Heart – Private prayers of the late Rev Walter James : Edited E Theodore Carter. Robert Culley London (c1915) [very good condition] £10

‘Woodbine Willie’ (Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy) – A Biography : William Purcell. Hodder & Stoughton London (1962) [good condition] £5

The Threshold Grace – Meditations in the Psalms : Percy C Ainsworth. C H Kelly London (c1910) [very good condition] £8

American Presbyterianism – Its Origin & Early History : Charles Augustus Briggs. T & T Clark Edinburgh (1885) [very good condition] £120

Principalities and Powers A Study in Pauline Theology : G B Caird. Clarendon Press, Oxford (1956) [good condition] £5

‘The Disinherited Spirit’ – Christianity & Social Service in Modern Britain : Frank Prochaska. Oxford University Press (2006) [new] £15

The City Temple 1640 – 1940 : Albert Clare. Independent Press Ltd London (1940) [good condition] £10

‘The Toronto Statement’ – The Ecclesiological Significance of the World Council of Churches. British Council of Churches (1952) [very good condition] £5

The Menace of Freemasonry to the Christian Faith : Rev C Penney Hunt. The Freedom Press Derby (1944) [good condition] £12

Alexander’s Hymns No 3 as used in the Chapman-Alexander Missions (tonic sol-fa edition). Marshall Morgan & Scott Ltd [very good condition] £8

The Journal of John Woolman. Robert Smeal Glasgow (1883) [very good condition] £12

Prophets, Priests and Kings : A G Gardiner. The Wayfarer’s Library – J M Dent and Sons Ltd (1927) [very good condition] £7

Good News – Thoughts on God and Man : J B Phillips. Geoffrey Bles London (1963) [very good condition] £8

Letters of Samuel Rutherford. The Banner of Truth Trust (1973) [very good condition] £4

History of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland 1893 – 1970 : Compiled by a Committee appointed by the Synod of the Free Presbyterian Church [very good condition] £12

The Crystal Spring of Band of Hope Songs (c1879) Published by United Kingdom Band of Hope Union [acceptable condition] £25

William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury – his life and letters : F A Iremonger (1948) OUP [very good condition] £5

Livingstone and Africa : Jack Simmons [Men and their Times Series] The English Universities Press Ltd London (1966) [very good condition] £5

Which Sovereign – Queen Victoria or the Pope? Rev J A Wylie LLD. George McGibbon Edinburgh & The Protestant Alliance London (c1890) [very good condition] £32

The Teachings of the Essenes from Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls : Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. C W Daniel Saffron Walden (1978) [very good condition] £16

The Pope’s Claims and why we reject them : Rev Bolton C Waller. APCK Dublin (1932) [acceptable condition] £8

A Call to Prayer : Leslie D Weatherhead. The Epworth Press (1940) [acceptable condition] £5

In Sorrow’s Lone Hour – 14 meditations : Clement H Pugsley (foreword Weatherhead). Arthur James (1976) [very good condition] £8

In the place where he was crucified : Leslie D Weatherhead. The Epworth Press (1935) [very good condition] £15


Celts and other poems : Sydney Bell (Preface Sir Hugh Roberton) ; Browne and Nolan Ltd, The Richview Press, Dublin (1946) [good  condition] £12

Early Belfast – The Origins and Growth of an Ulster Town to 1750 : Raymond Gillespie. The Belfast Natural History & Philosophical Society / Ulster Historical Foundation (2007) [new] £7

The Records of the Archbishops of Armagh : The Rev Chancellor W H Love. Dundalgan Press Dundalk (1965) [very good condition] £50

‘Dublin’s Oldest Charity’ – The Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers Society 1790 – 1990 : Deirdre Lindsay. The Anniversary Press Dublin (1990) [like new] £20

‘Dancing to History’s Tune’ – History Myth & Politics in Ireland : Brian Walker. The Institute of Irish Studies (QUB) Belfast (1996) [very good condition] £4

Sweet Cork of Thee : Robert Gibbings (with engravings by the author). J M Dent & Sons Ltd London (1951) [good condition] £8

A Short History of Rossorry Parish [Co Fermanagh] : Mary Rogers (c 1973) [like new] £20

Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast – A Record of the Last 200 Years : A W Kernohan. ‘Witness’ Office, Belfast (1923) [very good condition] £30

First Presbyterian Church Donaghadee 1824 – 1924 : D Watson & H Magill. (1924) [very good condition] £20

Jonathan Swift and the Church of Ireland 1710 – 1724 : Christopher J Fauske. Irish Academic Press Dublin & Portland (2002) [new] £25

An Historical and Descriptive Guide to the Ancient Church of St Nicholas Carrickfergus : Edwin Darley Hill (1932) [good condition] £12

The Battle of Moira (an adaption from Sir Samuel Ferguson’s Congal) : Michael Hall. Island Pamphlets (1995) [like new] £6

Modern Ireland : Hugh Shearman. George C Harrap & Co Ltd London (1952) [overall good condition but several pages sellotaped] £5

Echoes and Embers from the Fires of Ulster (poetry of the troubles) : Barbara Gallagher. Belfast Central Mission (1995) [new] £5

Recollections of Jonah Barrington (introduction by George Birmingham). Every Irishman’s Library (1918) [very good condition] £20

Writings on Irish History 1988 : Compiled by Clara Cullen & Monica Henchy : Edited by Sarah Ward-Perkins. The Irish Committee of Historical Sciences Dublin (1994) [very good condition] £5

Stones of Aran – Pilgrimage : Tim Robinson. Penguin (1990) [good condition] £4

Poems of Katherine Tynan (intro Monk Gibbon). Allen Figgis Dublin (1963) [very good condition] £15

In Search of Ireland : H V Morton. Methuen & Co Ltd London (1933) [good condition] £4

The Way that I Went : Robert Lloyd Praeger. Allen Figgis Dublin (1969) [good condition] £25

Village in the Seven Hills – The Story and Stories of Rostrevor County Down : W Haughton Crowe. Dundalgan Press Dundalk (1973) [very good condition] £20

Kilkee Co Clare – Official Guide for 1927 [very good condition] £15

Westmeath Official Guide (1950’s?) [very good condition] £8

Wicklow and Wexford Official Guide (c1960) [very good condition] £8

Fermanagh County Guide (1960’s?) [very good condition] £5

‘The Silver Salver’ The Story of the Guinness Family : Frederic Mullally. Granada Publishing (1981) [very good condition] £6

To Ulster’s Credit : Sam Allen (The outstanding achievements of Ulster Planters throughout the world) Plantation Press [very good condition] £25

A Dark Day on the Blaskets : Micheal O’Dubhshlaine (recounting the history, legend and lore of the Blaskets) Mount Eagle Publications Dingle [very good condition] £5

How Stormont Fell : Henry Kelly. Gill & Macmillan (1972) [very good condition] £5

Holy War in Belfast : Andrew Boyd. Anvil Books (1969) [very good condition] £10

Anna’s Wishing Chair and other Chimney Corner Stories : Alexander Irvine. The Quota Press (1937) [good condition] £8

The Boyne Water – The Battle of the Boyne 1690 : Peter Berresford Ellis. The Blackstaff Press (1976) [good condition] £10

Omagh Urban District Official Handbook (pre 1950) [very good condition] £8

‘The Bangor Season’ (originally published 1885) W G Lyttle. Facsimile Edition [very good condition] £8

Belfast and Surroundings – Insight Compact Guide (1999) [very good condition] £2

‘Tourist Trail’ – A signposted walking tour of Dublin. (c1970?) [very good condition] £3

1644 – 1944 Three Hundred Years of Worship Work and Witness – The Story of the First Presbyterian Church of Belfast. Wm Strain & Sons Ltd Belfast (1944) [very good condition] £50

Belfast City Hospital – A Photographic History : John F O’Sullivan. Ballybay Books (2003 [like new] £35

The Light of Other Days (A selection of monuments, mausoleums and memorials in Church of Ireland churches and graveyards and those whom they commemorate) : Sam Hutchison (2008) [new] £15

Dublin Old and New (photographs) Maurice Gorham. EP Publishing Ltd (1975) [very good condition] £6

Irish Industrial Schools (1868 – 1908) – Origins and Development : Jane Barnes. Irish Academic Press (1989) [like new] £25

Official Guide to Kildare (c1954) [good condition] £8

Official Guide to Dublin (c1960) [good condition] £8

Official Guide to Tipperary (c1954) [very good condition] £10

Northern Ireland (1921 – 1974) A Select Bibliography : Richard R Deutsch. Garland Publishing (1975) [very good condition] £15

The Life and Labours of Rev William Johnston DD : Rev Samuel Prenter. James Nisbet and Co Dublin (1895) [acceptable ‘reading copy’ condition] £25

The Man from Cape Clear : Conchur O’Siochain. Mercier Press Dublin & Cork (1975) [very good condition] £40

The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl : Peter Costello. A & A Farmar Dublin (1996) [like new] £3

Bartholomew’s Quarter Inch Map of Ireland, Cork & Killarney, with contoured colouring [Sheet 4] – linen backed [very good condition] £6

My Lady of the Chimney Corner : Alexander Irvine. Collins London (1929) [good condition] £7

Outdoors in Ulster’s Forests. HMSO (1971) [very good condition] £40

Minority Verdict – Experiences of a Catholic Public Servant : Maurice Hayes. The Blackstaff Press Belfast (1995) [like new] £5

Soldier Sailor – An Intimate Portrait of an Irish Family : Eliza Pakenham. Weidenfeld & Nicholson London (2007) [like new] £30

Columba – Pilgrim and Penitent : Ian Bradley. Wild Goose Publications Glasgow (1996) [like new] £3

The Souls of Poor Folk : Alexander Irvine (Sequel to ‘My Lady of the Chimney Corner’) Appletree Press Belfast (1981) [like new] £7

Ravarnette and South Lisburn Community Magazine [very good condition] £5

Dublin Official Guide (c 1964) [good condition] £5

The Wild Irish Girl : Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan (Originally published in 1807) : Woodstock Books Poole & New York (1995) [new] £10

Privatising a Church – The Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church of Ireland : Hugh Shearman. Ulster Society (Publications) Ltd (1995) [very good condition] £12

The Pursuit of the Heiress – Aristocratic Marriage in Ireland 1750 – 1820 : A P W Malcolmson – Ulster Historical Foundation (1982) [very good condition] £15

The Irish Dissenting Tradition 1650 – 1750 : Edited by Kevin Herlihy : Four Courts Press (1995) [very good condition] £10

The Religion of Irish Dissent 1650 – 1800 : Edited by Kevin Herlihy : Four Courts Press (1996) [very good condition] £10

The Politics of Irish Dissent 1650 – 1800 : Edited by Kevin Herlihy : Four Courts Press (1997) [very good condition] £10

Propagating the Word of Irish Dissent 1650 – 1800 : Edited by Kevin Herlihy : Four Courts Press (1998) [very good condition] £10

Kilraughts – A Kirk and its People : S Alexander Blair [signed by the author] (1973) [very good condition] £50

VISIONS – A celebration of art from the Ulster Museum : Eileen Black and Anne Stewart [like new] £30


Mail me at irishmethodistgenealogy@hotmail.co.uk


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