Escorted Tours

Once you have succeeded in discovering which part of the Irish landscape is associated with your ancestors, you may wish to travel there to re-establish your family links with the locality. Irish Methodist Genealogy can provide (subject to a sufficient notice period) an escorted tour to enable you to make best use of the limited time which you may have available.

The benefits are not only that family sites have already been identified and located, and the route pre-planned, but you are also accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable guide on the day. This facility, offered by Irish Methodist Genealogy, is bespoke and is only available to clients who have utilised our ‘In-depth Research Service’ (as itinerary plans will be based on the information provided in your personal family history report).

Under normal circumstances one full day would be sufficient to visit a locality, spend some hours viewing family sites, and perhaps even meet some long lost relatives. A critical factor to be taken into account is travelling time to and from your holiday base and I can provide guidance on this matter. If you wish to be escorted, the itinerary for your homeland tour (and the projected amount of time required to fulfil it without undue haste) would  need to be agreed well in advance of your visit.

Unfortunately I am unable to offer to use my own car because of the constraints on business use within motor insurance policies. However, if I were to be included as a named driver on your own car hire contract, I would be happy to undertake driving duties on that day. If overnight accommodation is necessary to enable you to have enough time around family haunts, I can also make enquiries on your behalf in the locality, based on the type of accommodation you require.

Should you wish to undertake an escorted tour of your Irish homeland simply email me at any time, following completion of your genealogical report, and arrangements can then be put in place to facilitate your visit. I will look forward to being able to offer you the old Irish greeting ‘Cead Mile Failte’ (a hundred thousand welcomes) when we meet.

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