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Even in these days of Google, Kindle, iPad and the like, there is still something special about possessing a collection of books. Reading from the printed page remains a very different experience to viewing it on screen. Irish Methodist Genealogy may be able to help you search for, and acquire, some of the volumes which could add to your ancestral library.

The first history of Irish Methodism was written by William Smith (1830) and this remains a very useful source for early information. The definitive but flawed History of Methodism in Ireland, which recorded events to 1860, was published in three volumes by Rev C H Crookshank (1880’s) and a supplementary volume, extending the record for another hundred years, was provided by Rev R Lee Cole (1960). The Methodists in Ireland by Rev Dudley Levistone Cooney (2001) has been the most recent addition to the genre. The Irish in World Methodism 1760 – 1900 by Dr Norman W Taggart (1986) provided an important new perspective by tracing and assessing the contribution to world Methodism of people born in Ireland. Throughout the years a number of biographies, and many histories of local churches, have also been produced, which have enhanced our in-depth knowledge of both people and places.

In addition, there exists a vast bibliography of books pertaining to Ireland and the Irish. Recent scholarship, often drawing upon hitherto inaccessible primary sources, has produced very helpful commentaries on many aspects of history, religion and culture. Popular interest in the study of local history has also generated a plethora of new books and pamphlets which place onto the record useful information about the townlands, parishes, villages and towns of Ireland. Combined, they have added greatly to our understanding of this ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’.

Of course it has often been said that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and, if you wish to recapture images from your family past, postcards are an evocative and cost-effective way of doing so. To enhance your understanding of the lives of your forebears you can enlist the help of Irish Methodist Genealogy to acquire some of the views with which they would have been familiar.

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